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Wood plastic decking laid method

Wood plastic decking laid method

Although wood plastic decking is easy to install, the claim eco green wood had to remind consumers of indoor wood plastic floor installation should follow some rules, let everyone in a relaxed dress up at the same time also can get some small decoration experience.

1, Wood plastic decking usually adopt from the entrance to the room to room laid or from one side wall laid is favorable to the other side of the wall.

2, In front of the shop, is wood plastic floor to the ground to be laid floor bedroom examine and repair. Although wood plastic floor waterproof moisture proof mildew efficacy, we suggest that lives in a layer of the floor of residents learn more about the ground moisture regain of the four seasons. If the return is serious, be sure to first apply a layer of waterproof or tar oil.

3, In order to the shop floor to beautiful, we need to get in front of the wood plastic floor laid central axis of the planning and design, the axis is the baseline laid floor. Especially in the number of rooms within the same unit laid at the same time, the axis of planning and design is more important. Specific practices can consult the master.

4, For the laying of wood plastic plate carefully according to their quality, color, the depth of the separation. Quality good, consistent color, try to shop in the middle of the house and, the teacher often oral informed.

5, Laid wood plastic plate must be very neat, smooth and firm. Its starting point tongue-and-groove floor or even mouth floor adhesive strong.

6, Laid wood plastic plates, each of the plate in the four sides and four in the corners must keep parallel and perpendicular to each other, there can be a little mistake because, with the enlargement of the paved area, the error is increased.