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Theme park UV-anti railings

Theme park UV-anti railings

Now, as some theme parks theme restaurants, there will be some unique scenery and railing that the majority of visitors enjoy the scenery of the product, then the theme park UV railings would be a good choice.

Advantages theme park UV railings

Theme park there is definitely a specific theme, set a lot of entertainment, leisure and hospitality facilities and services feature in one of the modern tourist destination. Security is a business issue to be considered, a safety railing is our first choice, not only highly corrosion-resistant and waterproof, the service life of up to 25 years, and nothing to worry about its maintenance problems with ultraviolet light stability, coloring well recognized by the majority of green products.

Little experience to install the theme park UV railings

A column with angle iron to make the base of the column and the appropriate size of the hollow square steel welded to the base. Such base and square steel are one of them. The role of the steel is used to insert a column down inside, objects act as a solid pillar of the length of the steel can reach 1/2 of the column according to the actual situation. Then put the base directly on the ground level, fixed in two ways, one can be poured into the way, and the second to be bolted directly to the ground. (Note that the base metal and the steel to do about rust treatment.