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Safe and durable balcony railings

Safe and durable balcony railings

1, safe and durable balcony railings interspersed with the popular combination of technology, any connection are used high-strength modified nylon joints, without welding, to ensure that the substrate is not damaged, and enhance anti-rust ability;

2, high-strength modified nylon joints with anti-UV, anti-oxidation, anti-saline, weather, fog and other properties are far more than the national fence connector of a standard and can withstand 1.83 per square centimeter Ton impact force, the service life of 50 years;

3, safe and durable balcony railings are the use of punching production, the factory to complete the punching can be directly processed, easy to install and save time and labor, eliminating the trouble of the past their own punching.

Safe and durable balcony railings completely ruled out the trouble caused by routine maintenance. Fence products are all assembled using connectors, using special tools, stainless steel screws, easy to dismantle easy to install, no solder joints, both beautiful and environmentally friendly, quality assurance for three decades. The fence is made of zinc alloy material, because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color (optional a variety of color performance) and other advantages, the current barrier has become a unit, widely used in business family mainstream products.

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