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Fire-resistant WPC outdoor wall panels

Fire-resistant WPC outdoor wall panels

With the green building more and more people's attention, energy saving and environmental protection of new plastic wood as an integral part of the green building have been used in the construction sector are wood or bamboo formwork template, and plastic wood will become The inevitable trend of development of the industry. WPC products hot seems to have become the new darling of the construction industry. Fire-resistant WPC outdoor wall panels are a new type of material products.

Fire WPC outdoor wall panels installation features:

Fire-resistant WPC outdoor wall panels according to personal preferences, choose horizontal, vertical loading, ramp loading, and other installation methods, the general proposed vertical loading, because the light from the window into the interior light is horizontal, vertical and horizontal surface will be more obvious, more highlights Dimensional effect, and vertical loading can reduce dust accumulation, easy to clean. The series of products are used socket design, and the same series of different varieties of products are used universal socket jack design, that is, different styles of products can be used with each other to install, to the designer's personalized design to provide the greater imagination. Because it is a socket-type design, therefore, only the installation location of the socket injections, and then plug-in, you can cover the nail and remove the dust from the steps. Other processing methods and solid wood, can be nailed, can be nailed, can be planed, without the paint, that is equipped with the general carpenters can be installed at the same time, light and fast, a familiar worker can install hundreds of square feet a day area.

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