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Ecological backyard PVC fence

Ecological backyard PVC fence

Ecological PVC fence is generally divided into two. One is used as a railing of the balcony, one is used as a partition of the ecological wood fence. Ecological PVC fence is not fully defined. Due to the flexibility of the use of eco-wood, in some walls, the shape will have a grid shape to achieve the embodiment of the overall feeling of the United States.

Ecological PVC fence can be drilled, playable, with the use of traditional wood properties, while waterproof, anti-termite, that is, that is, the real sense of the eco-friendly products in many homes and commercial applications in the renovation process is widely Use, is a "healthy, beautiful, convenient, affordable," the preferred building materials. Ecological PVC fence products personalized custom, to you, not the same ecological wood square wood, fence, their own design new indoor wood screen, different specifications, so you have a different design style!

Comparison of ecological PVC fence and iron fence price

Ecological PVC fence in the price slightly higher than the iron fence, but the PVC fence does not require paint maintenance, long life, often needs to paint the iron fence maintenance, high cost, while easy rotten rust, shorter life expectancy. Therefore, PVC fence and iron fence compared to the obvious advantages of a comprehensive.

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