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Eco-friendly WPC decking

Eco-friendly WPC decking

Advantages of eco-friendly WPC decking

Eco-friendly WPC decking, by the panel and the bottom of the composite laminate flooring, the panel by one or more than a layer of solid wood chips, PVC wood grain paper or enhanced wear-resistant impregnated paper paste made of single- PE, PVC and other plastic profiles, the floor and the panel is a flat surface, the plane and bottom of the floor between the open hollow rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, trapezoidal and other structures; all the hollow structure of purpose and function The floor surface side of the installation structure for the tenon, groove structure, card, slot structure, and card, buckle structure. It has the advantages of saving wood; low elongation, structural performance and stability; heat aging noise; durable, 10-15 years warranty; without harmful to health-containing aldehyde adhesive, with pollution does not pollute the housing environmental protection functions; Floor structure to facilitate the installation, processing technology is simple.

When planning your eco-friendly WPC decking, Seven Trust gives you a full set of rich colors to consider - making your design truly infinite. Mix and match colors to create all your own unique patterns and color combinations.

Thanks to the unique extrusion process, the color can be truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks great. You do not need to spend time dyeing or repairing. Compared with the traditional WPC materials, WPC is: true nature, kind, no paint, sealed, will not rot or termite bite, easy to install