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Durable garden DIY decking easy install

Durable garden DIY decking easy install

Now the floor, there are many styles, like the current wooden floor, for the durable garden DIY Decking, you can install their own, you can assemble into your favorite style, because light and convenient, so you can install with their families, of course, Can also be installed by professionals.

Durable garden DIY decking coverings, attention to detail

(1) expansion and contraction and the floor spacing Wood plastic floor with temperature changes will occur with the expansion and contraction, it is recommended at the same temperature will be cut and stored under the board mark wood flooring pavement spacing to consider the temperature of the pavement, durable Of the length of the garden DIY floor, wood-plastic floor expansion coefficient and the local temperature difference between day and night at different times of the wood-plastic flooring pavement spacing may be different lengths, it is recommended that one unit of wood flooring all the shops Good at the same time after a fixed length, that is, at the same time with a portable stone cutting machine cutting the floor end, so that the end of the floor to keep the same spacing between the laying of wood-plastic floor space should be set aside to facilitate expansion and contraction and ventilation Drainage pavement should pay attention to the two side of the floor spacing is generally 3 ~ 8mm; 2 between the end of the floor space reserved 1.5 3.0 mm expansion joints; end wall and the wall between the left 5 mm of the expansion joints of the floor joints The position must be staggered

(2) Attention to the quality of screws and construction of all screws should be anti-rust treatment, or the use of stainless steel screws in addition to the selection of special screws, the use of screws fixed wood flooring should be pre-drill guide hole, guide hole diameter is not greater than the screw diameter 0.8 Fold; it is recommended to use electric screwdriver once screwed into place, is strictly prohibited repeated screw-in screw out directly with solid wood-plastic solid core flat floor, screw center position should be away from the edge of wood-plastic board about 20 mm.